Afan Valley Adventure Resort helping to bring a future to the valleys

A new Welsh Government task force has outlined that the Afan Valley Adventure Resort could provide a much-needed solution to local communities in the Valleys.

The ‘Our Valleys, Our Future’ task force has spent the first half of 2017 speaking to communities in the South Wales Valleys to determine what they would like to see happen now and in the future. Chair Alun Davies AM has recognised that there are more opportunities in the Valleys than there are challenges. Alun and his team will be listening to the public to build on cultural and economic strengths, along with utilising the Valley’s unique and breath-taking geography.

The task force has had a very fast-paced first year holding open, frank and wide-ranging discussions that are forming the beginning of an exciting opportunity to work with communities and change lives for the better.

One of the main issues that local’s want addressed is the current lack of good quality jobs and the opportunity to learn skills to do them. To provide a solution, the Welsh Government are looking to create thousands of new, fair, secure and sustainable jobs across the Valleys and provide support and training to help people find a job and stay in well-paid work.

This has allowed the Afan Valley Adventure Resort to be become widely popular with the government and local’s alike. With the creation of potentially hundreds of varying skilled jobs across the resort, it will provide much needed employment opportunities to the Neath Port Talbot area.

Stunning landscapes, electrifying history and rich culture provide the backdrop for the South Wales Valleys. They are home to approximately 30% of the Welsh population and there has been wide agreement more could be done with the natural environment.

‘Our Valleys, Our Future’ has recognised that the Afan Valley Adventure Resort, based at the head of the Afan and Llynfi valleys, has incredible potential to transform the local area for the people living nearby. With over thousands of tourists already visiting every weekend, attracted by the growing reputation for adventure sports, the resort looks set to make the Valleys a recognised tourist destination for visitors across the UK and even further afield.

All eyes now look towards the future of the task force. They plan to continue their communication and partnerships with the public and businesses in order to deliver a detailed and ambitious work plan for the government. Afan Valley Ltd will also continue to work closely with the Welsh Government to ensure that the needs of local communities are all taken into account.