Llandudno Bay Hotel awarded Grade 4

Our Hotel Management team at Llandudno Bay Hotel received some fantastic news this month, when they were awarded 4 stars overall as a hotel.

The grading is the quality mark of Wales’ official, nationwide quality assessment scheme, providing customer confidence when choosing accommodation. All of the national assessing bodies (Visit England, Visit Scotland, Visit Wales and the AA) assess holiday accommodation to the same criteria and award one to five stars, which reflect the facilities and overall quality of the experience.

A team of professional assessors visit each property every other year, including properties handled by self-catering agencies. Visit Wales is the premier assessing agency for accommodation in Wales.

There are 3 key areas that businesses are assessed on, where they receive between 1 and 5 stars based on the facilities available and on the overall quality of the experience.

1. Quality of the Business
The Quality Assessors assess every aspect of the business and that score equates to a quality level description.  A scale of 1 to 5 is used – Excellent Quality scores 5 points, acceptable quality scores 1 point.

Excellent Quality: 5 points 

Very Good Quality: 4 points

Good Quality: 3 points

Quite Good Quality: 2 points

Acceptable Quality: 1 point

Once all aspects are assessed, scores are totalled and a quality score for the whole of the business is calculated.

2. Consistency in Key Areas of the Business

The Quality Assessor then checks for consistency in the key areas of the business.  The purpose of this approach is to ensure that one aspect of the business has not, by scoring high marks, driven up the overall percentage into the next Star rating level, giving a false impression to the guest of the overall quality.  It is vitally important that the quality of the key areas matches the overall grade of the business.

3. Facility Requirements
The Quality Assessor will check to ensure that any additional facilities/services required at a particular level are present and available, as well as those at all preceding Star Levels.  Research has shown us that the higher the rating, the more facilities and services expected by the consumer.

Key Areas – Llandudno Bay Hotel

Housekeeping – 5 Star

Hospitality – 4 Star

Service Efficiency – 4 Star

Bedrooms – 4 Star

Bathrooms – 4 Star

Food – 5 Star