Hotel Alternatives Conference

Northern Powerhouse Developments Chairman, Gavin Woodhouse, attended The Hotel Alternatives Conference at the Marble Arch in London back in February 2018.

With constant change happening within the accommodation sector such as, hostels and serviced apartments, The Hotel Alternatives Conference was a fantastic event to attend to see and discuss why these changes are happening.

Speaking about the conference, Gavin Woodhouse said: “Events like this are important to me, as a business, we’re always learning”. Gavin was able to network with like-minded people and learn about other concepts that are happening within the industry.

Michael Reilly, the Sales and Marketing Director of Select Portfolio expressed: “Events like this gives you the opportunity to step out of your own sector and your own work, to look at what is happening more generally”.

It was evident that from attending the conference, Gavin and his team were able to understand opportunities and potential threats that can face your own business, no matter what industry you are in. It also gave them the opportunity to step out of their own sector and see other business industries in a different light.

After attending The Hotel Alternatives Conference, it was apparent that there are lots of clever people with extremely clever concepts in a world, which is a much smaller place now. And finally, that the style of accommodation which is now being offered, is adapting and facilitating to the way we live.